Fresh Eggs

Dr. Kirby Gengler suggest using Raw organic farm eggs

We have been eating a lot of eggs on the Paleo plan. I am extra thankful that we have our own chickens. The eggs taste fantastic. Also it is fun to get all the different colors. I think we are going to add a couple new chicks this year just to get some different colored […]

T28 Day Paleo  Week 2

Week 2  was interesting.  I found a couple of recipes that I like and more that I did not. I also started seeing a pattern in the menu. Sometimes that worked out well and other times it was not a good solution.  An example of when it did not work was when you have fried […]

28 Day Paleo week 1

Freedom Wellness Now Uses Healthy Organic Vegetables

Week 1 is done!  Everyone has survived. And, there was only minor deviations.  Coffee shops are my personal downfall. But I only went 1 time so that is an improvement. I will keep working on it. I decided to try the order online and pick up at the store option.  Our local Walmart and King […]