T28 Day Paleo  Week 2


Week 2  was interesting.  I found a couple of recipes that I like and more that I did not. I also started seeing a pattern in the menu. Sometimes that worked out well and other times it was not a good solution.  An example of when it did not work was when you have fried egg in a basket for  breakfast on Monday and you were supposed to have the leftovers on Wednesday. First of all, I do not like green peppers and second, leftover fried eggs sitting in the fridge is disgusting.  Do yourself a favor and just make it fresh on Wednesday.

I am also struggling with the serving sizes. We are a family of 4. The fried egg in a basket only has 1 pepper on the shopping list.  If you slice it paper thin, you might get 8 servings out of that single bell pepper. However, the egg will not stay inside of the pepper because it is just not possible-that whole math thing with volume and area are explained nicely here. Homeschoolers take note, this would be a great math experiment.

​Price comparisons:  Walmart $254.87 with minimal organic,  Kingsoopers $216.22 with mostly organic. It was pretty close this week.  The totals are from the following categories:  Protein, Vegetable, Fruits, Fresh Herbs, Other, plus almond butter, organic chicken broth, maple syrup, almond and coconut milk, raw almonds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts. I also added a $12 bottle of red wine as it was listed in the other category.  The meat is driving the price up. I think shopping around and watching sale flyers would really help.  There are also 2 rounds of shrimp on the menu. Shrimp is expensive in land-locked Colorado.  I feel that it would be prudent to do some type of fish or other seafood that is on sale in your area.

One thing that is starting to drive me crazy with this cookbooks is that there are no page numbers next to the menu items. You have to flip back and forth. My advice is to pencil in the page numbers the first time you look up the recipe.

I am already nervous about week 3. In my opinion, the menu does not contain very  many appetite enticing items. It is probable that I will make several substitutions in week 3.