Hormones, what are they? We hear about hormones everywhere these days.  Is it the new buzz word of the week? No!  Hormones is such an important word and an extremely important part of our bodies. Everyone should understand what hormones are and how they help keep our bodies balanced and happy.  If you would like to learn more at a live event see our events page.

Who has hormones? The answer is everyone. No matter your age or sex, hormones are present. Hormones are the little messengers for your body. They control our body functions from simple (hunger) to complex (mood).

Everybody- male or female have 9 glands that produce hormones. All of these glands are part of your endrocrine system. This system produces the hormones that regulate metabolism, reproduction, sleep, sexual function and other important jobs.  Think of the endrocrine system as a train station.The hormones are the train cars.  Our glands send out their hormones along shared tracks and each has a specific job.

What do you think happens when one of our glands gets imbalanced?

Some of the glands start sending out fewer or less effective hormones, so other glands “pick up the slack” and start producing more. Now you have a disruption in production and distribution. If you go back to the train analogy, you now have a messed up train schedule with traffic jams.  Our bodies are designed for balance and harmony and multiple “traffic jams” cause major disruptions in our health.

Hormone imbalances are common but the solutions are at times complex.  Simply fixing / supporting one gland may not restore the entire system in balance.  This is why Dr. Gengler does so many public lectures about hormones. Come to and get a good foundation in hormones and what they do at a live event.  Stress, Hormones and Health