Hormones, what are they? We hear about hormones everywhere these days.  Is it the new buzz word of the week? No!  Hormones is such an important word and an extremely important part of our bodies. Everyone should understand what hormones are and how they help keep our bodies balanced and happy.  If you would like […]

Fresh Eggs

Dr. Kirby Gengler suggest using Raw organic farm eggs

We have been eating a lot of eggs on the Paleo plan. I am extra thankful that we have our own chickens. The eggs taste fantastic. Also it is fun to get all the different colors. I think we are going to add a couple new chicks this year just to get some different colored […]

T28 Day Paleo  Week 2

Week 2  was interesting.  I found a couple of recipes that I like and more that I did not. I also started seeing a pattern in the menu. Sometimes that worked out well and other times it was not a good solution.  An example of when it did not work was when you have fried […]

28 Day Paleo week 1

Freedom Wellness Now Uses Healthy Organic Vegetables

Week 1 is done!  Everyone has survived. And, there was only minor deviations.  Coffee shops are my personal downfall. But I only went 1 time so that is an improvement. I will keep working on it. I decided to try the order online and pick up at the store option.  Our local Walmart and King […]

Paleo in 28 Days Experiment

Recently I purchased Paleo in 28 days. Like many of you, I have struggled with juggling work and meal planning. The result is that our “eating pretty clean” has slipped into the shadow lands of the SAD diet.  I chose this book because it had all the meals planned out. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. It […]

Allergy Free Holidays

Cooking for the holidays is daunting enough for many people without adding in food allergy accommodations.  It is a challenge. In our house we have gluten and dairy allergies. Both of our extended families have been really great feeding us safely at the holidays. There was a learning curve, but we have all survived and […]


    Gratitude is a powerful emotion. If effects our minds, body and health. However, it is not an instant emotion. We have to make a conscience effort to apply gratitude and thankfulness in our lives.      The other day I visited my child’s classroom. It was at the end of the day and I was […]

Teal Pumpkins? What’s that about?

We are big fans of Halloween.  I have wonderful memories of Trick-or-Treating as a child. As an adult, I always enjoy being the house that kids come back to each year because they remembered our treats from previous years. Needless to say, our treats are usually unconventional.  Our oldest child was never a fan of […]

Keeping Chickens?

Guest Blogger:  Kelly Gengler from Knit & Cluck Chickens are everywhere these days. You see them on coffee mugs and witty t-shirts. As you drive through urban neighborhoods you may even see them presiding over backyards. I am sure many  are wondering about who are these people who are descending into chicken madness. Are they crazy?  […]

Hurt in an Auto Accident?  The 5 biggest mistakes people make after being injured.

Bam! When cars collide emotions run high.  You do a quick check- Is anyone bleeding or are bones broken?  Is everyone awake and alert? Whew! There is no immediate need to call the ambulance.  You may be in pain, or angry, or scared, or shaken, but don’t start making BIG mistakes! Mistake #1- Failing to […]